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Laura F. Gibellini. Art book

Meditaciones Atmosféricas. Antes del Presente (338U-710U)


Book designed on occasion of Laura Gibellini’s exhibition in the SLOWTRACK Gallery in May 2017. The book collects the work in paper of a series of works which imply the culmination of a research started in 2015 in the Los Sures Museum of New York where the artist focused on the visualization of the basic elements of life (air and water) by means of the minimal elements of representation (dot, line and colour).
Gibellini investigates the relationship between the air and the measurement of time. Each of the pictures captured by the artist maintains a particular relationship with time, so we can find the oldest mountain on the planet, a cloud, a glacier, a lunar landscape and an ancestral one, as well as reflections over the ephemeral and transitory of the aerial and oceanic, thus introducing the viewer into a place beyond what can be shown.


Book edited by SLOWTRACK and NOCAPaper.



Raúl Ruz. SOLO book

Solo is a book which compiles a series of portraits carried out over two years by the photographer Raúl Ruz. He photographed children of different ages under the same concept: the representation of pureness and spontaneity.
Being a child involves complete naturalness and this means facing the camera without any kind of artifice. When facing the camera, the subject is reflected as if it was a mirror.
The aim of the project was to share this naturalness in black and white, to reflect personalities, to create mirrors. For the edition of the book we based on the conception of the photographer’s project, that is, to reflect the character of each portrait, to create mirrors by using metalized polyester paper, and a layout without artifice (reflexive and settled) where the protagonist is the portrait and its reflection.


Photographer. Raúl Ruz
Model agency. Sugar Kids
Copy. Ane Guerra

Uterqüe SS 2017 Press Book

Uterqüe, brand owned by the Inditex Group, starts a project which links creativity art and fashion for the presentation of their collections to the specialized press. It links disciplines which have been created together and have changed collective mentalities and cannot be understood separately. Style is architecture, creativity is a second skin and fashion is always Art.


The book is conceived as if it was the catalogue of an art exhibition. For the first edition of the Untitled series we collaborated with the artist Pablo Thecuadro to carry out the artwork which serves as a tool for the presentation of SS2017 collection.


Pablo Thecuadro is an artisan of rebuilding, repetition and collage. He shows the different versions of one same image in compensated colours, in balance and harmony. Pablo works with perspectives of characters: magnified, glued, overlapped, thus obtaining images from other images. The different points of view are the pattern to cut faces, shapes, garments and colours.
Artwork. Pablo Thecuadro
Model. Annely Bouma @Viva Models
Copy. Ane Guerra

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Play&Type is a creative studio based in Barcelona and founded by Raquel Orellana and Paco Díaz. It specializes in brand creation and visual communication in Fashion, Arts, Design, Luxury and Lifestyle industries.

The work of Play&Type Studio is defined by the balance between timeless and contemporary design. It believes in simplification to emphasise essence. It’s aware of the importance of creating aspirational design with a business strategy that will strengthen the added value of the brand. It approaches its projects from a strategic and creative view, taking care of every detail through a coherent, innovative and specific language, adapting to the needs of each particular project.

The studio works in multiple disciplines, including brand identity, naming, print, editorial, packaging, websites and digital platforms, as well as content creation and creative direction in audio-visual and photography productions.

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For general inquiries contact us here: info@playandtype.com

Sant Pere Mes Alt,
59 Bis, Local 2
08003 Barcelona, Spain
T +34 936 678 975
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Play&Type has developed identity and visual communication projects for Luxury, Fashion and other industries that aim for quality on their image and added value.

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